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Welcome to Chargieville - get to see what the world looks like!
Meet The Chargimals - there are so many! meet them all
Sonny Has A Slumber Party - when plans go wrong, these friends who live with fatigue still have fun.
Lutes, Beets, and the Silly Yaks - two friends with food allergies go out to a restaurant together.
Annie Gets A Therapy Cat - Annie goes to kuddle kingdom to adopt a therapy cat, to help her anxiety.
Patch Learns To Feels Pretty - Polly takes Patch outside even though she is very insecure about the way she looks.
Addi Wants Potato Chips - When salt cravings and brain fog colide...
The Game - A bit of inside fun, join this scavenger hunt.
Kylo Tries Yoga - Will yoga cure Kylo's chronic illness?
The Tale of the Missing Ice Cream - A mystery to solve! Pod and Zippy call the gang to help them investigate.
Dan's Dancing Disaster - A disaster brings Dan to the hospital, where the doctor doesn't take him seriously. But then it happens....

Who Are The Chargimals?

The Chargimals are cute physical health and mental health monsters who each reperesent a specific illness, condition (physical or mental) or general symptom. They live in Chargieville, an alternate universe, where they have adventures with each other. With caution obviously, cause they are always low on energy like us. They live alongside the Normberts, the healthy people who don't really understand them. Every day is a new adventure in Chargieville.
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